Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not exactly the start I was planning on

After talking myself into getting geared up for these two athletic events, I have already messed up my training plans.
I missed today's 7:30 am run. The alarm went off, and I just wasn't ready to face the day. I didn't have a late night I just needed more sleep. So, another important practice wasted. I did take Johnny down to the trail for what I hoped would be a jog, but it was just too hot. I need to ADD run workouts to my week, not skip them.
Will try to get a 15-20 minute run in after tomorrow's J&A ride.

Then I was reminded that the pool we're practicing in is YARDS, not meters. Great. 25 years is roughly equal to just less than 23 meters.
So I swam 6 x 100 YARDS with my slowest at 1:55 and my fastest at 1:52 so pleased with my swim effort. Now to get that to translate to my run.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big September, Big October

Tuesday was a big day for me. With the encouragement of my coach and training buddies, I began to rethink the olympic distance at the Austin Tri instead of the sprint distance. I also formally signed up for the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride for Breast Cancer.

Labor Day, September 7th is the Austin Triathlon. If I sign up for the olympic distance I will be swimming for 1500 meters, riding a bike for 40 kilometers (roughly 25 miles, then running a 10k (about 6.2 miles). Seriously, who does this?
The good news is that it should be wetsuit legal- which makes that swim a little more manageable. Now I know I can do the bike. I completed a similar distance (slightly different route) earlier this year and maintained a decent 16.7 MPH average. But I've never competed in a 10k. Funny that my first 10k would be at the end of a tri!
But Amy thinks I can do it. Allison and Stacy think I can do it. So what if I walk more than I'd like- I know I'll finish.

Now for the Mamma Jamma ride. It takes place on October 10th and I want to do it right. To date, my longerst ride is 33 miles. I'm training for 65. Yeah. 65 miles. I rode with the Mamma Jammas last Sunday and I really enjoyed the company of the other riders. I also like that the training program is free! This makes me think that the spirit of the race is to encourage people to participate somehow- even if they aren't able to to the fundraising.
Uhg, Fundraising. Few things make me as uncomfortable as asking others for money. But I beleive in this cause. And I think I can make a difference in someone's life- So I will get over my trepidation, suck it up and ask the question.

So just a few more months of training before I ease off for the winter...

Training Notes:
Sun 7/19: 24 mile ride with Mamma Jammas (no time avail)
Mon 7/20: missed core due to work
Tues 7/21: swim highlight 100m = 1:45
Wed 7/22: missed run due to work, but was "lighteninged" out anyway