Sunday, August 30, 2009

Countdown to Austin Tri

Yeah yeah, I know I owe you a race report from the Sweet and Twisted. Maybe I'll write more later but suffice to say that I enjoyed seeing all my friends but the race kicked my butt and really made me doubt my fitness for the Austin Tri.

Sweet & Twisted Results
Overall time - 02:14:20
500 meter swim - 00:13:41
15 mile bike - 01:07:10
5k run - 00:43:26
Overall Place - 354/495
Age Group Place - 94/125 (So many bad ass triathletes in my age group!)

However, those same friends plus a few others talked me into keeping my Olympic distance spot and not switching to the shorter, sprint distance. My last few workouts have given me some more confidence, too.

First, I ran a full 6 miles last Saturday and 7 miles yesterday and felt pretty darn good. The run course for Austin is flat and even- particularly when compared to the off road trails of Danskin and the races at Pace bend (Champions tri and Sweet & Twisted).

I know I can do the bike distance- I've been riding 25 miles consistently on my Sunday rides- and again, this ride only has two hills to speak of- three if you count the easy rise toward the Capitol.

Now for the swim- I know I can do this distance. I guess I'm most anxious about this because my wave starts so late that I'll be in the water with the Sprinters- which means I'll be on the course will a lot of Sprinters. And I'll be finishing after a lot of Sprinters. I don't want to be last. Uhg.

But the Olympic is important to me. It's been my goal race all year and if I chickened out and did the sprint, I don't think I'd have the same satisfaction. And I will have set a baseline for Olympics for next year. And I will have fun my first timed 10k.

So for this week its hydrate hydrate hydrate, responsible eating and (relatively) early bedtimes.

I know. I'm outta control.

Austin Triathlon Info

Sweet & Twisted Triathlon Info

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