Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday 8/1

Ah... August 1st. Two weeks before my 38th birthday. Thirty-freaking-eight.
I can't say its not as I pictured- since I didn't really think about what I'd be like at 38. But I know that I have lots things left on my "list" - including the Olympic distance tri.

I rate my overall workout a B- this week.
Made it to core, one out of 2 team runs (ran on my own today) and 1 out of 2 swims. Biking with Mamma Jammas tomorrow.
Core was a series of planks and pilates type moves.

Run was a variation on Ruth's ladder:
  • Ran about a mile to warm up, then
  • 4 minutes hard, 2 minutes recovery
  • 3 minutes hard, 1:30 minutes recovery
  • 2 minutes hard, 1 minute recovery
  • 1 minute all out, :30 seconds recovery
  • then a mile jog back to Rogue.
I didn't walk during any of the recoveries- progress!

The swim workout was another pretty solid effort, I think. Maintained a time of 4:55 for all three "steady" 200 m sets. And we're back in a 25 meter pool, woo!

I missed today's team long run but made it up later with the hound at my side. And in front of me.. and then on the other side. Although he's getting better at staying at my right on the trail- especially after the first mile or so. After the run, I let him play off leash in the quieter part of Auditorium shores and he did really really well. Came back when called, played well with others- even took a quick dip in the river.
The run was supposed to be 60 minutes but I think we managed only about 40- but its better than only doing 30!

Hoping to squeeze in 2 more runs this next week- for a total of 4. Need to be able to get through that 10K at the end of September's Austin Tri!

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